"Schroth" Scoliosis Treatment 

Dating back to ancient centuries, from Hippocrates in 5th century BC all the way until the present day, Scoliosis was defined as a medical condition and treated.

The Schroth Method  remains one of the most recognized forms of non-surgical Scoliosis treatments. Developed in GERMANY by Katharine Schroth in the 1920's and further developed by her grandson Dr. Hans-Rudolph Weiss, the Schroth Best Practice Program comprises over a century of the most advanced rehabilitative techniques in existence.

With years of experience in various postural deformity treatments, we are now focusing on this world- renowned therapy program. Specifically targeted towards the most highly evolved forms of Scoliosis, results of Schroth Best Practice often include improved postural appearance and muscular imbalance, reduction or elimination of pain, improved vital capacity and chest expansion, and halted progression in adults and/or Cobb angle improvement in adolescents.

Based on Lehnert-Schroth classification:

3CH  functional 3-curve, hip group

3CTL functional 3-curve,thoracolumbar

3C functional 3-curve, compensated

3CL functional 3-curve with lumbar countercurrent

4C functional 4-curve, double curvature

4C functional 4-curve with lumbar major curvature

4CTL functional 4-curve with thoracolumbar major curvature.

The Schroth Best Program contains the following components:

1. The physio-logic program for correction of the sagittal profile,

2. Education related to everyday activities (ADLs),

3. The 3D made easy program,

4. The new "Power Schroth" program

Based on results from studies run in the 1980's , 50% of patients who received Schroth-based treatments experienced stabilization and improvement of conditions.

For your first appointment with us, please bring a recent X-ray (cervical-sacrum spine).

At our clinic, we are pleased to offer small group training sessions:

- 4-6 people for children/adolescent

-5-10 for adults

​We accept patients with any Cobb angle scoliosis, kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis and hyperlordosis.

​We are certified by The Schroth Best Practice Program. "Best Practice in the Conservative Management of Scoliosis and other Spinal Deformities".  https://schrothbestpractice.com/canada